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Leaders are more effectively when they make time to connect with their team at a group and one-to-one level.
Teams are more confident when everyone feels seen and heard within the team culture.
But these things aren't easy!



Founder's Story

While drawing complete strangers on the streets of London, Naples and Berlin, I came across a truth...

The deeper sense of connection I feel when I meet and  draw people is something that can benefit more than

just me.


I started this company as a means to do exactly that, to recreate that space for leaders and teams.

My deeper purpose is to enable work to feel more meaningful and our desires more connected, so we can all live more exciting and intentional lives!

Company Values


That allusive thing that keeps us open to the unknown is kept alive through an honest connection with ourselves and each other.


Good work is inherently meaningful. So from the beginning we’re careful not mistake our whys for why nots.


If something is not going right it is curiosity that turn judgment into empathy, and problems into opportunities.

to heal us
to hold us
to guide us

already a space

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